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Global Legalizations

Global Legalizations

Authxperts offers one stop solution to fortune 500 companies for managing their employee on boarding process. In addition, we handle all other kind of documents that need to be use in Hague or Non- Hague Member countries. Click here to see list of Hague Member Countries.

We currently perform attestations of all kinds of personal and corporate documents from 150 countries across the globe. Whether you are part of HR department of a company, immigration consultant or regulatory professional, we are here to help.

We also handle all kinds of corporate documents like MHRA/ NSAI documents issued from UK/Ireland that needs legalization from those countries for registration of products overseas. If you represent a Pharmaceutical or Medical Device company and have contract manufacturer(s) in Italy, France, Canada, Ireland, UK or elsewhere ( see the complete list of our coverage under Global legalization services) , you need legalization of documents from multiple countries.

We have assisted and continue to assist US listed companies for Global Legalizations whether its pharmaceutical companies or any other company with a global footprint. Call or email us with your requirements. We deal with all departments, Chamber of Commerce as well as consulates, embassies as needed in countries listed under our Global Legalization Services page. To engage our services, we ask that you send to us scan copy of your documents at the time of your first email contact with Authxperts for review. Our document specialists comply with Global Data Protection Rules and your document scans will be used only for the purpose of review and no other use. We sign NDA with our prospects and clients as a standard practice. 

Authxperts carry insurance upto USD 50000 for all documents that are in process with us at our facility or in transit. We understand that each document is  precious and hence peace of mind is important. 


Global Legalizations Desk

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Authxperts is recommended by US Department of State to travellers to Middle East for their document legalization requirements.


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Need Visa for China? Contact us for detailed requirements and application forms.


Your Identity history summary check or FBI Report can be expedited through us. We also provide Ink fingerprinting, State of MD background checks, FDLE and FINRA fingerprinting.

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