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It's Simple . Once you have sent us your documents, you can relax and let Authxperts take care of the process for you. So call us today on 1-866-721-0746 or email us. To find out more about how we charge for our services please see the 'Fees' section below.


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Contact Authxperts and get a quote for all of your documents.
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Make your secure payment to our accounts by many avilable methods.
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Send us your documents through our Authxperts transmittal form
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How to estimate our fees

Authxperts has a flexible price structure. Prices vary based on the exact requirements of the
client. Different documents require different amount of work, based on the stage they are at
and the country that they need to be processed for. Having a flexible price structure allows
us to find a price tailored to match your exact needs. We also provide discounts if you have
multiple documents, if you are a corporate client or if you have used Authxperts in the past.
So we recommend that you Get a Quote from us by clicking the link above (it only takes a
minute) and we will be able to find the best price to suite your needs. However, if you would
like to get an idea of the prices for processing a single personal document, you can always
use the tool below by clicking the 'Estimate Price' link. This tool is only for some of the
countries that we serve and for personal documents only. There may be additional charges
for corporate documents and for courier charges if the document is submitted in a different

We offer discounts for multiple documents. We have a Rate-match policy. Contact us for more details.

Authxperts is recommended by US Department of State to travellers to Middle East for their document legalization requirements.


Have you applied for IDP yet? Check out our services page for more details.


Need Visa for China? Contact us for detailed requirements and application forms.


Your Identity history summary check or FBI Report can be expedited through us. We also provide Ink fingerprinting, State of MD background checks, FDLE and FINRA fingerprinting.

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