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Legalization from Sudan

Legalization from Sudan

Legalization from Sudan

Legalization from Sudan

Sudan has not joined the Hague Convention abolishing the requirement of legalization of foreign public documents. Hence, any document issued from Sudan can’t be issued with an apostille. Rather, all documents have to undergo the process of consular legalization based on the country of intended usage of those documents. 

The documents will have to undergo the process of authentication by various departments and agencies located in Khartoum, Sudan and may also involve local attestations. Contact Us for assistance. 

Typical requests include Educational documents issued from Sudan, Birth, marriage, death or divorce records, commercial documents, notary certified documents etc. 

Similarly, legalization on documents by Sudan embassy is needed if you plan to work, live, get married-in, or conduct business in that country. We at Authxperts attend to all process related to Consular Legalization depending upon State of issuance of documents and usage. Authxperts is the only company in United States that offers reliable embassy legalization services not only from United States but also from Sudan. When you deal with us, you deal with a trusted service provider that is relied upon by fortune 500 companies, global law firms, IP firms and individuals and businesses from around the globe. 

Process of legalization involves getting documents certified by Secretary of State office followed by Authentication by US Department of State in Washington D.C. Only after this step is completed, authenticated documents can be submitted to Sudan Embassy. This process can be cumbersome and quite complicated, therefore, its advisable to use the services of a reliable Legalization Service Provider. We provide Genuine, economical, reliable document authentication and legalization service from the Secretary of State office, US Department of State and Embassy of Sudan.

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Getting an Attestation and authentication from Sudan can be a complicated process especially if you are overseas. Thus, If you leave this process to non-professionals, the time and cost involved can quickly multiply. Your documents will get rejected otherwise costing you time and money.  We at Authxperts try not to let this happen to our clients. We always recommend that you send us scan copy of documents in the first instance with your inquiry for review. 

Apply now for Sudan Legalization and download our Sudan Legalization Form.  Our Sudan authentication service is super-fast, convenient, and saves you time and money. Our service fees is most competitive in the marketplace. 

If you are overseas, we also can arrange courier collection of your documents from your office or residence around the world at additional fees. Contact us for your specific needs and customized price quote.

Authxperts guarantees the highest quality and reliability. We render all of our services in strict compliance with the applicable data protection laws. Our documentation specialists are well-equipped and thoroughly acquainted with their tasks. All the documents are insured while they are in process with Authxperts LLC for upto USD 50,000.

Working with us is easy and convenient!

You can pay for our services by any one of various options available like credit cards, bank wire transfers, paypal, western union etc.

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Authxperts is recommended by US Department of State to travellers to Middle East for their document legalization requirements.


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