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Degree Attestation for QATAR

Degree Attestation for QATAR


Do you need your degree or professional diploma attested through the Qatar Embassy or Consulate?

Note- There is main QATAR embassy in Washington DC and there are three other QATAR consulates in US currently with divided jurisdiction. Depending upon the state from where your document is issued, the document will need authentication and legalization process to be carried out in different manner to meet the requirements of the particular consulate.

Below is information about consulate jurisdictions-

Embassy of State of QATAR in Washington DC-

Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, North Dakota, West Virginia, Nebraska, Arkansas, Kentucky and Delaware

Consulate General of QATAR in New York-

Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, Minnesota,Missouri, New Jersey, New York,  Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wisconsin

Consulate General of QATAR in Houston, Texas-

Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas

Consulate General of QATAR in Los Angeles, California- 

California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Arizona, Wyoming, Alaska and Hawaii

Certifying and attesting your degree, diploma for the Country of Qatar is a four step process.The 4 steps include Notarization, State certification, U.S. Department of State Authentication and Embassy or Consulate legalization depending upon jurisdiction. All Federally issued documents are legalized by main QATAR embassy in Washington D.C.

We have processed thousands of cases worldwide for degree attestation for use in QATAR. Ever since QATAR Ministry has changed the guidelines in June 2016 for attestation of educational degrees, it has become very complicated process to finish on your own. Our years of experience and our agents expertise is available for you to navigate through this tedious process.

The Qatar Consulates or Embassies worldwide have strict requirements on attesting degrees. diplomas and/or transcripts.

Below is the list of documents we will need for degree attestation process for QATAR

  • Original degree. This must be the original degree or diploma or a new replacement diploma from the university. No photocopies are accepted by embassy or consulate. Majority of cases, we are able to perform notarization to the final degree attestation and legalization process. In some cases, we will need you to get notarization done at the university or in state of issuance of document prior. Contact us to find all details particular to your case.
  • Original transcript.  This must be an original transcript printed by the school. No electronic transcripts or photocopies will be accepted.
  • Original Verification letter from the school (Enrollment Verification Letter) addressed to the appropriate Embassy or Consulate General of Qatar stating below information-


  1. Letter needs to be addressed to Proper QATAR Embassy or consulate. 
  2. Letter from the university stating when the course(study) began and when the study was completed (on which dates)
  3. Whether any part of the study was done as online student or on campus. If any courses were taken online, letter should specifically state ratio of on campus study VS Online study.
  4. Mode of Instructions- Whether FULL TIME /PART TIME or HYBRID
  5. Location of Study and tests( Campus address)
  6. The letter from the university should state the degree awarded as well. Whether Bachelor, Masters, PHD  etc.
  7. Standard time required to finish the degree. In case of PHD, they can state there is no standard time, otherwise university has to state the time set for the degree program.
  8. Whether the university is private or public
  9. Whether the university is accredited and by which accreditation agency?
The letter should be issued by University Registrars office on their letter heads, signed in INK PEN and sealed/stamped by the Registrars office. QATAR embassy or consulate will not accept the letter if its signed by office or admin clerks at Registrar office. 



  • Offer letter copy signed by both the employer and employee
  • Copy of your passport
  • Signed and completed Education Records Consent and Release Form as applicable (We will email you this form to complete)


In some countries, QATAR embassies also needs a verification form or original transcript directly mailed to them from the university. We can provide you information on case by case basis on review of your documents.

Please note that this verification letter is required irrespective of the year when you finished your degree.  

Attestation, Certification and legalization of edcuational degrees and diplomas through the Qatar Embassy or Consulate is a multi-step process.  Each consulate is different and each country has specific requirements.Our agents have handled thousands of cases not only from United States but from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, India, United Arab Emirates, France, Hungary, Italy among others.

Our expertise is unmatched when it comes to legalization of documents. Call or email us today with your specific requirements.

We also handle all other kind of documents for use in QATAR like birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, parents consent for children to travel, state police reports, FBI Reports and all kind of commercial documents. If you need assistance with FBI Report Retrieval while in QATAR or elsewhere, please click here. 


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