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Chain Authentication Process

Chain Authentication Process

Chain Authentication process is an alternate way to authenticate documents that are intended for use in Non Hague Member Countries as per Hague Convention of 1961, abolishing the requirement of  legalisation of foreign public documents.  Countries like United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, China, Canada, Taiwan, Thailand, Egypt, Jordan, QATAR etc. are not members of Hague convention so any document that needs to be sent to these countries after legalization or authentication has to go through the steps of Chain Authentication.

Typically the steps include Notarization, County Clerk Authentication, Secretary of State Authentication, US Department of State Authentication from Authentication office of US Department of State and then finally Embassy Legalization.  Depending upon the type of document, these authentication steps can vary. Also, it can also vary based on state or place of issuance of documents. Finally, each foreign embassy has multiple consulates within United States and other countries around the world, with divided jurisdictions of each consulate, making the entire process highly complex for individuals to handle themselves. Each consulate may need the documents to be prepared as per their requirements.

Thus, the process of Chain Authentication can become a burden and time consuming process when you are trying to get your documents completed or authenticated in time for your overseas move or business transactions. We at Authxperts handle all steps of Chain Authentication process for documents issued not only from United States but from 150+ countries worldwide.

Well, that’s convenience when you don’t have to deal with departments or companies in different countries in case your documents are issued from multiple countries. Our network of franchises and business associates in 150+ countries and our branch staff in UK, Australia, India, Canada and Dubai do the leg work for you to meet the deadlines. Check out our services page for more details about our coverage.

When it comes to time critical legalization of documents for overseas use and understanding your legalization requirements, there is only ONE company that you can trust. AUTHXPERTS !

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