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What is the definition of an apostille?

According to Wikipedia, the word Apostille is commonly applied in English to the legalization of a document for international use under the terms of the 1961 Hague Convention. Documents which have been notarized by a notary public, and certain other documents when certified with a conformant apostille are accepted for legal use in all the nations that have signed the Hague Convention. For more details, check the Wikipedia page on apostille or this link for Hague Convention abolishing the requirements of legalization.

I have a document which is already authenticated from Secretary of State and/or US State Department or Foreign Affairs office. Can you help me authenticate it from the Embassy?

Absolutely. If your document already has some attestation carried out, you will get credit for the work already completed. It will save you time and money.

I am currently outside the United States. Can you help me retrieve my document from Vital Statistics or the relevant department?

It depends on the regulations of each state and on the document type. In some cases, such as Birth Certificate or Confidential Marriage Certificate, we may need special documentation to carry out the retrieval. Let us know your needs and we will advise you accordingly.

What is the fine-print? What are your terms and conditions?

Please follow the links below to read our terms and conditions in detail. If you have any questions related to our terms and conditions, please contact a member of our staff and we will be happy to explain them to you in full.

What kind of documents can I get authenticated?

We operate in various countries around the world through our strategically located offices, network partners and trusted agents. We have compiled a sample list of documents that we can get authenticated or apostilled for you from various countries we operate in. Please check the list of documents under apostille and embassy Legalization Services. Also check our country coverage under Global Apostille and Embassy Legalization Services. However, if you do not see your document in this list, do not loose heart. At Authxperts, we are constantly looking to broaden our services to cover a diverse variety of documents. Contact us and we will let you know if we can be of help. Please send us scanned copy of document for free review & prompt response using the Contact Us form.

I am confused. Do I need apostille or embassy legalization?

This is the most common question asked by our customers. Whether you need embassy legalization or apostille depends on the country in which you use the document and country of issue of document. If the country of usage of the document and the country of issuance of document are parties to the Hague convention, then you need an Apostille on the document. If however, the country from where the document is issued from OR the country where the document will be used are not members of the Hague Convention, you will need embassy legalization of your documents. We have described the difference between the two procedures on our home page. You can find this out by scrolling to the bottom of the home page and selecting your country from the drop down menu. For further information, please check our links page.

Do you provide translation services?

Yes, we do provide translation services. Please visit our services page for more information.We provide certified translations from US and also provide NAATI certified translations from Australia. Our Dubai office also provide certified Arabic translations.

Why does Authxperts offer such good prices?

Authxperts offices are in the Washington DC metropolitan area in the US, Sydney in Australia, Bristol in U.K, Dubai in UAE and New Delhi in India. Proximity to foreign affairs offices and various embassies allow us to make significant savings in our costs. Instead of charging our customers the same rates as our competitors do, we like to pass on these savings to our customers which means better & repeat business for us.

Are your fees fixed or are there any discounts available?

We offer discounts for repeat as well as referred customers. If you are coming back to Authxperts or if a client of ours has referred you, please let us know and we will offer you a discount. We also offer special prices in case you order our services for more than one document. Contact us to find out if you fall into any of these categories. We also have special corporate discount programs available. Authxperts has been a chosen partner by HR departments of major corporations around the world for their employee documents legalization requests. Please contact us to find more details.

I am in a hurry. Can you help?

Sure. Authxperts endeavours to be one of the fastest authentication services around. We try to process each and every document as quickly as possible. If you require your document by a particular date, let us know in advance and we will try to get it authenticated by the relevant department or consulate as soon as possible.

I have my own account with FedEx/UPS/DHL. Can I use that to return the document after authentication?

Absolutely. You can send us a prepaid airway bill printed from your account and envelope with your documents and we will return them to you in this envelope. If, on the other hand, you want us to arrange the return of the documents, we will do this using our account with FedEx/DHL/UPS etc. We will notify you in advance of the courier charges for the return shipment, which shall be payable in advance.

What if I want a refund?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions & Refund Policy that can be found by clicking here.

Why do I have to be fingerprinted?

There are a variety of reasons why someone would require to be fingerprinted; employment, government agencies, state legislation or federal legislation. These reasons normally require a fingerprint based background check on you prior to employment or issuing a license. These fingerprint based background checks may have to do with safe access to vulnerable populations; i.e., children or elderly persons, or access to sensitive information or systems. While the reasons do vary, generally the fingerprinting process is relatively very similar.

What is included in a Fingerprint Based Background Check?

A Fingerprint Based Background Check can reveal all relevant information in your life; birth, name, address, employment and arrests. The FBI  Fingerprint  Database will include what is called a “rap sheet,” which consists of any criminal arrests from state or local agencies, charges, and the results of such cases. Felonies and more serious misdemeanors may also be included in the rap sheet. It is unusual, however, for minor violations or fines to be included within the rap sheet, such as moving violations or parking fines. Since these types of offenses are so minor, they are not typically reported to the FBI. Nonetheless, a handful of agencies may report these matters at a federal level.

How can I submit a request from my attorney?

When requesting an FBI Criminal Report for use by your attorney, you must provide a written request on your attorney’s letterhead. The written request must include your signature as well as your attorney’s signature, and it must indicate that the FBI Criminal Report information results are to be released to your attorney.

How can I update or dispute my FBI record?

The data contained in FBI Criminal Reports is compiled from information provided by local, state, and federal agencies. Thus, the correction of these records must be handled by the contributing agency. You are required to contact the appropriate agency or central repository (i.e. police department, county courthouse, etc.) in the state of the arrest record to request further information, correction, or updating. The FBI CJIS Division does not have the authority to modify any criminal history information.

Incorrect State (Non-Federal) Information:

In most cases, you will be required to submit a change request to the state’s central repository.

Incorrect Federal Information:

These records are typically updated by the FBI when the request is made directly from the arresting agency or from the court of record.

Challenging Information Reported by the FBI:

You may challenge your criminal history information if you have proof or supporting documentation as to the discrepancy in question. A written record challenge request must be sent, along with your supporting documentation, to the following address:


FBI CJIS Division
Attn: Correspondence Group
1000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, WV 26306


The FBI CJIS Division will only commence updates to records if/when they have confirmed such changes with the appropriate parties.

Can you send my FBI Criminal Report to an address outside of the United States?

No. The FBI does not allow CJIS Channelers to disseminate FBI Criminal Report information outside of the United States.

Can my FBI Criminal Report results be sent to another individual?

You may have your FBI Criminal Report mailed to a designated attorney, if identified in your FBI Criminal Report Request. For reports to be utilized by an attorney, please see specific instructions under ” How can I submit a request from my attorney? ‘

What is U.S. Departmental Order 556-73 and 28 CFR Part 16?

As related to CFR 28 Part 16, subpart C, and in accordance with an order dated September 24, 1973, the Attorney General of the United States directed that the FBI publish rules for the dissemination of arrest and conviction records, upon request, to the individual subjects of such records. In accordance, the FBI shall release copies of such records upon the submission of a written request, satisfactory proof of identity of the requesting individual, and a processing fee. For more detailed information regarding these regulations, contributing agencies and definitions please visit: Questions

Where do I get fingerprint cards?

We have fingerprint cards available upon request. Please be sure to request the use of the standard FBI Fingerprint Form (FD-258). You may also visit the FBI website to download a card for print at

How long does it take to have my fingerprints rolled?

Typically, it takes approximately 5-10 minutes for a trained technician to ink-roll your fingerprints onto a single fingerprint card. We also have the ability to print your cards using live scan system. This is mess free and does not involve real ink. 

What information do I need to submit for FBI report?

The FBI requires that you provide the following information:


Name/Alias (if applicable)
Date of Birth
Country of Citizenship
City and State of Birth
Sex (Male/Female)
Eye Color/Hair Color
Phone Number
Email Address


Also, when you arrive at our location for fingerprinting, you will be required to provide two (2) forms of identification, one of which must be a government issued photo ID. The following are acceptable forms of photo identification:


State Issued Driver’s License
State Issued Identification Card
US Passport
Work Visa (with photo)
Military Identification Card

Can I request a copy of my FBI Criminal Report for employment or licensing purposes?

No. You may place a request for a copy of your own FBI Criminal Report for personal review only, pursuant to DO 556-73 and under the regulatory authority of 28CFR16.32.

Will the personal information I provide be protected?

We are committed to, and experienced in the highest level of security. We, and our Channeler partner follow a strict security protocol that allows them to maintain access to FBI information, as well as other sensitive information. You can rest assured that we will handle your request with your security in the highest regard.

How is my FBI Criminal Report sent to me?

The Channeler will send you a hard copy of your report via US Mail, USPS Priority Mail, or FedEx as requested. You will also be provided with a soft copy of your FBI report downloadable in PDF format. Please follow the instructions provided by Channeler to download and access your report. 

How long will it take to get my report?

FBI Criminal Reports are usually delivered via US Mail within 5-7 days from the day the order is received and processed. Orders are normally processed the day they are received; however, an incomplete application or missing information will delay processing.


We do offer expedited shipping options for an additional fee: 2-3 days via USPS and overnight delivery via FedEx.

What happens if my fingerprint images are rejected?

When having fingerprints ink-rolled, be sure to have a complete set of fingerprints taken by a trained technician. If your fingerprints are rejected, you have the option to submit additional sets of fingerprints and incur the standard report charge each time. Please note- Each Submission to FBI is separate application and is a non-refundable service. 

Will my fingerprint cards be returned to me?

In efforts to protect personally identifiable information and to meet FBI security requirements, your fingerprint cards will be destroyed within 30 calendar days of the retrieval of your FBI Criminal Report. Therefore, it is very important for you to contact us if you have not received results within 21 days.

Can I check the status of my fingerprints submitted to RCMP?

RCMP doesn’t allow us or our partner to do any follow ups or check the status.

However, you can call RCMP at 613-998-6362 or send­ an email to [email protected].

Can you take fin­ger­prints on RCMP's fingerprint form C-216C?

Yes we can. You can walk-in at our Rockville, MD office with two pieces of ID and walk-out with a complete fingerprint form. 

Do I need an appointment?

We do encourage you to take appointment on our fingerprint website  We also accept walk-ins during our office hours.

What do I need to bring with me for fingerprinting Services?

For RCMP fingerprint based report, we will require two pieces of identification of which one must be government issued photo ID.

How will I receive my RCMP report results?

RCMP sends hard copy of certified criminal record check via Canada Post to your address in Canada ( Non trackable mail). We will provide you third party consent form and on basis of your signed authority, we will be able to receive the report from RCMP and perform attestation and legalization as needed.

What if I just need my fingerprints taken on C-216C form?

Sure. We can do INK fingerprinting for you on C-216 C forms at our Rockville, MD office and you can submit the application to RCMP directly on your own. If you are not located in US/Canada, our services will be a lifesaver for you as we will take care of all nuances of application, receiving the report on your behalf and getting it authenticated by Global Affairs, Canada and legalized by any embassy located in Canada. We ship worldwide. 

Do you carry C-216 C fingerprint cards at your office?

No, you will need to bring your own C-216C fingerprint cards. We can however, provide you FD-258 cards, in case needed, that are also acceptable for RCMP report fingerprinting. You can also print C-216C cards from the website and use it for fingerprinting as that practice is acceptable as long as fingerprints are good quality. We ensure that our technicians provide you best quality fingerprinting. 

In case you are overseas and do not have access to either of C-216 C or FD-258 cards, you can also use fingerprint cards provided by police of the country you are living in as long as the cards are in the same layout as C-216C or FBI FD-258 cards.

Can RCMP also send my criminal history report to my attorney or immigration office in Canada?

Yes, based on third party consent form, RCMP can release the report as requested by you. 

Can I have my friend or relative pay for the service?

Yes, We will need signed payment authorization by anyone paying for the services. For overseas applicants, you can have the payment form filled by your friend/relative and email to us. We accept cash, money order, cashier’s checks, all major credit cards and paypal payments. You can email us for paypal invoice request. Paypal does not require you to have an account with paypal to make online secure payments. 

Is my photograph necessary for RCMP check?

The photograph is printed on your RCMP report. Our partner will transmit both fingerprints and photograph to RCMP. 

I just need someone to receive my RCMP report and courier to me overseas. Can you help?

Yes, we can. With your signed authority on third party consent form, we can receive your report from RCMP and ship worldwide with DHL. RCMP sends reports by Canadian Post only in Canada or to US.  Contact us for shipping  price quote for your needs.

How long will it take to receive my Criminal Record Check?

Typically, RCMP reports are shipped in 4-5 days from RCMP office but mail does take time to arrive. In case, there is a criminal record, RCMP can take 1-4 months or even longer to release report. 

Can I email the application to you along with RCMP fingerprint cards?

No, as per RCMP requirements, you will need to send the original fingerprint cards to us along with application forms as per checklist provided. 

Authxperts is recommended by US Department of State to travellers to Middle East for their document legalization requirements.


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Your Identity history summary check or FBI Report can be expedited through us. We also provide Ink fingerprinting, State of MD background checks, FDLE and FINRA fingerprinting.

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